A lithium-ion battery in a mobile phone caught fire on an aircraft. 

The incident happened on February 2 on board a Pakistan International Airlines Boeing flying from Jeddah  in Saudi Arabia to Islamabad in Pakistan.

The battery suffered a thermal runaway. Cabin crew immediately intervened, cooled the battery down and put it into a safe container. The flight crew continued the flight to Islamabad for a safe landing.

An investigation into what caused the thermal runaway is ongoing.

* A pioneering invention called an AvSax can minimise the fire danger in seconds with its unique use of water.

Simply pour at least two litres of water into an AvSax and then drop the burning device into the bag. The water activates a polymer gel inside the bag’s lining causing it to expand around the device. Should the device keep on burning then the AvSax is tough enough to absorb the force.