A mobile phone which caught fire while it was being charged burned a house down.

It’s the latest in a series of incidents where faulty lithium-ion batteries have led to disaster and follows advice from fire safety charity Electrical Safety First.

Research by the charity shows that 53% of youngsters admit they leave their phone, laptop or tablet charging on their bed and 38% more kept them under pillows at night.

The firm says that charging electrical appliances on or near beds puts families at risk of a house fire.

The bedding or pillow means the device can rapidly overheat as there is nowhere for the heat to dissipate.

Research has also revealed that just over a quarter of children have bought or used a cheap, unbranded charger.

Electrical Safety First found these chargers often contained faulty parts that can overheat, catch fire or cause a fatal shock.

The most recent house fire happened at a home in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, after a child left a mobile phone charging on a bed.

According to Jagakarsa Police chief Commander Sujarwo: “The phone overheated and exploded, burning the bed."

The fire quickly spread and destroyed the house.

In December last year, a girl in Bogor, West Java, died from electrocution while she was using a mobile phone as it was being charged when lightning struck the village.


* Written by Andy Hirst at AH! PR http://www.ah-pr.com/