A pilot with an AvSax A pilot with an AvSax

Why all aircraft need protection from lithium battery fires in mobile phones, laptops and other personal electronic items

There is a risk of passengers’ small electronic items such as laptops and mobile phones going into thermal runaway when the batteries overheat and catch fire on planes and helicopters.

There have been well over 250 incidents in the last 14 years and the Federal Aviation Administration has details of them all here https://www.faa.gov/hazmat/resources/lithium_batteries/media/Battery_incident_chart.pdf

Thermal runaway can have devastating consequences in the confined space of a small aircraft but AvSax fire containment bags can even contain exploding battery chargers that have gone into thermal runaway.

This happens when one cell in a battery overheats it can produce enough heat – up to 900°C (1652°F) – to cause adjacent cells to overheat. This can cause a lithium battery fire to flare repeatedly.

It means all aircraft need them from small charter planes to luxury corporate jets.

AvSax are the world’s best-selling aircraft fire containment bags by far and are now on more than 15,373 aircraft operated by 80 airline companies. They have been used 32 times to deal with emergencies since the start of 2017 and every time they have been deployed the aircraft has been able to complete its journey safely with no need to divert or make an emergency landing. Diversions can be very costly to the airline company and can even run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

AvSax won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the UK in 2018.

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