If you want to see the potential danger of lithium-ion batteries then look no further than this.

It’s shocking footage of a man out shopping … and two batteries explode in his pocket. To see if go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_wWIrgw7_M

Bizarrely, when his pocket catches fire he runs ... towards the fire exit.

The man had spare lithium-ion batteries for his e-cigarette loose in his pocket and a short circuit was caused when one of them came into contact with a metal item also in his pocket, which may have been keys or coins.

It is also possible that the two batteries shorted on one another.

The footage was taken while the man was in Boots store in the Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds.

The man was left with slight injuries and needed first aid treatment.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service fire investigator Jamie Lister said: “This footage clearly shows the dangers of storing batteries alongside any metal objects, be it keys, coins, or even your phone if it has a metal case.

“This is not the first time we have seen injuries caused by a lithium-ion battery exploding while being carried in someone’s pocket. We really want the public to understand the risks which can be easily avoided.

“There does not need to be a fault with the battery. The problem is the incorrect storage of the batteries.”

* People take e-cigarettes and their lithium-ion batteries on board aircraft. A pioneering invention called an AvSax (www.avsax.com) can minimise the fire danger on board aircraft in seconds with its unique use of water.

Simply pour at least two litres of water into an AvSax and then drop the burning device into the bag. The water activates a polymer gel inside the bag’s lining causing it to expand around the device. Should the device keep on burning then the AvSax is tough enough to absorb the force.