A faulty Samsung mobile phone led to the evacuation of a plane at Louisville International Airport.

A Southwest Airlines flight  Boeing 737 was about to depart from Louisville heading to Baltimore when the smoke was discovered at 9.20 am on Wednesday, October 5.

What is even more worrying is that the Samsung Note 7 that caught fire was a new one the owner had received after sending his original back after a major recall of faulty Samsungs.

US safety regulators announced a formal recall last month of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone (pictured left) after a spate of fires led to injuries and property damage.

Brian Green, of New Albany, said: "J had just placed the phone in my pocket and within a few a few seconds I heard a pop. I looked around to see what was happening and  just had smoke pouring out of my clothes and my pocket."

Airport authority spokeswoman Natalie Chaudoin said 75 passengers and crew were evacuated. No-one was injured.

There was minor damage to the plane's carpet where the device was dropped.

Samsung said in a statement that it's working with authorities to recover the device and confirm the cause.

Passenger Misty Whitaker told reporters from Louisville media organisation WAVE 3 that the smoke came from a cell phone.

She said: "I was sitting at the front of the plane and I noticed a flight attendant coming quickly down the aisle saying there's smoke on the plane.

"She said leave all of your bags on the plane and come forward in an orderly fashion . They said it was a Samsung Galaxy. The last they told us while we were waiting was that the fire had burned through the carpet."


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