A mobile phone caught fire in an overhead locker on a plane.

The  Spring Airlines Airbus was flying from Harbin in China to Nagoya in Japan when passengers spotted a fire in one of the overhead lockers.

Cabin crew used fire extinguishers to douse the flames and then submerged the passenger’s smartphone and charger in a water container.

The plane was diverted into Shenyang, China, where the aircraft landed safely about 23 minutes later.

The aircraft remained on the ground for about 6.5 hours before continuing its journey.

The airline reported a passenger had put his smartphone, connected to a battery driven charger (power bank), into the overhead locker. About 35 minutes after departure passengers observed smoke and fire from the overhead locker.

* A pioneering invention called an AvSax (www.avsax.com) can minimise the fire danger caused by electronic items such as laptops on board aircraft in seconds with its unique use of water.

Simply pour at least two litres of water into an AvSax and then drop the burning device into the bag. The water activates a polymer gel inside the bag’s lining causing it to expand around the device. Should the device keep on burning then the AvSax is tough enough to absorb the force.

Several airlines are now fully equipped with them.