Jason Manford tweeted this photo of the mobile phone which burst into flames during his show Jason Manford tweeted this photo of the mobile phone which burst into flames during his show

A top UK comedian’s show really was on fire when an audience member’s phone overheated and burst into flames.

Jason Manford had just finished the first half of his show called Muddle Class when the drama unfolded at the Lyric theatre inside the Lowry at Salford in Manchester.

The phone was destroyed by the fire and the audience evacuated for 20 minutes while firefighters from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene.

Jason, currently touring across the UK, tweeted a photo of a fire engine outside the venue, joking "on fire tonight." He also tweeted a picture of the fire damaged phone dumped in a bucket.

The Lowry said: “The Lyric Theatre was evacuated this evening after a patron’s mobile phone overheated during the interval of Jason Manford. Our security removed the phone from the venue and the fire service attended as per our emergency procedures. Show delayed by approx 20 mins before continuing.” 

One of the theatre's seats was reportedly damaged and some smoke had spread around the upper atrium and light rigging area.

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