Here’s how AvSax lithium battery fire mitigation bags have featured in the media

AvSax fire mitigation bags have featured in the media all over the world … and here’s a round-up of just some of them with links to the stories. 

The Daily Mail in the UK has just done a major story in April 2024 about a mobile phone fire scare on a London-bound passenger plane and mentioned AvSax thermal bags extensively in it. Here’s the link: 

AvSax has been featured in the international media and this story in April 2024 revealing the most dangerous electronic items now being taken on planes by passengers was featured on Advance, the official magazine of ADS, the trade association for the UK's Aerospace, Defence, and Security industries.

AvSax were devised by Yorkshire company Environmental Defence Systems based in Huddersfield and have featured in the Yorkshire Post 

And also Yorkshire Live 

The potential dangers of mobile phones catching fire on planes is now so well recognised that it has become part of the pre-flight safety briefings done by cabin crew and this was reported in the Huddersfield Hub 

AvSax have been used in action on planes at least 33 times since 2017 and one of the early incidents was reported in 2018 by Hawaii News. 

In 2022 it was revealed that more than 20 air ambulance helicopters operated by specialist aerial emergency medical services company Babcock were equipped with AvSax to help keep the crew, patients and aircraft safe in the event of a fire or even an explosion. 

This was reported on extensively in the aviation trade media, including Helicopters magazine, Vertical magazine and the aerospace, defence and security online magazine ADS online.